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Questions and Answers

Im a bit scared....but is it real?

I understand that some people find certain items scary,
But there is nothing to worry about. Each item is made with love, In a safe and easy to use manner
And the items do not have any way or ability to harm or harm others when used correctly and responsibly

I saw something I liked....But I want a different color


What's fun about making handmade gifts is that I can match almost any product you ask for All you have to do is contact me through the website or by email and we'll start planning

I've made an order....But how will I get it?



Shipments are made through Israel Post,
The collection point is the point where you always receive packages from the post office.
If urgent delivery is needed, please contact me before ordering


I've made an order....But when will I get it?

If you ordered a product that is in stock within 2 business days, the order will be shipped.
the shipping time is about 10 business days.
If you ordered a product by special order, you will receive a notification when the order is ready and sent to you for delivery
If urgent delivery is needed, please contact us before ordering

I've made an order...But I want to cancel it

sorry to hear that  but don't worry
As long as the order has not been shipped or manufactured according to your request,
You can get a full refund

I've bought something.....But I want to return it

In order to provide you with the best experience,
Any unused product and that has not been custom made can be returned within 14 days of receiving it.
The return process is very simple, send an email or contact through the website and state the reason for the return
And I will get back to you with an address to return the product or arrange a pickup, the cost of the return will be the responsibility of the user Once the product is received, I will test it If there is a manufacturing defect, you will receive a full refund, If the product is damaged during delivery, I will try to offer you a suitable replacement item or a credit for the value of the product to the store itself. (since most of the products are handmade and are not similar to each other)

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