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 The neighbor's Grass - a self-soothing kit

The neighbor's Grass - a self-soothing kit


Remember that time a friend came to kindergarten with a really cool game?

And you really wished that if you didn't have one...that hers would break?
And that time you got the job you really wanted? And have you felt how behind every smile and "good luck" there is also a little desire to see you fail?
We all have a green monster, envy.
Sometimes we envy others and sometimes they envy us.
The goal is not to act on that, but to sit down and understand that our grass needs care.
Then open the neighbor's Grass kit
Take out the rage doll, and stab it because we are better than any monster out there.
The Neighbor's Grass Kit contains A rage doll,

A spell bottle

And 2 green skull candles.

*Due to lighting, flash and different displays on screens, there are color differences between what is displayed on the website and the final product

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