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To be the Scary Fairy

Welcome to my journey,

In this post I will try to share with you a little more the world that I see through my eyes.

My inspirations my (scattered) thought process, and even a picture of a catis the world of the scary fairy:

Let's start a little with introduction

My name is Bar, and currently I live in the north of Israel. When I was little, you could find me outside looking for lost treasures, insects to observe or just flowers to smell,

And you can say that I do exactly the same thing, except that now I'm mostly looking for my cat who goes out for a walk all the time.I spend most of my time taking care of the pets, cleaning mainly after my projects, and a lot of learningWhether it's learning new material that I'm interested in working with, or learning a little more about ancient cultures.

Girl sitting on a river bank
A moment of nature

My journey to date

Although I have been creating since I can remember, I think the first time I realized that I needed and wanted to express myself was at the age of 9, my grandmother had just passed away and she was my main caregiver from a relatively young age.

I was connected to her, in every possible way and I had to write it, write her, write my feelings for her.

The next time I really remember is when I went to study copywriting at the age of 20+, I realized that the world of advertising is not for me, but the creative world is just waiting for me to be brave enough to discover it and the voice in my head.

I insisted for years not to be an artist, not to create something that has no daily use, and in the end I found myself making dreams come true for others through persistence and hard work.

At the age of 30, I started having health problems, ones that made me understand and internalize that the energy I invest in other people's dreams, I should invest in myself.

Then I started to search, and search, and learn mainly things related to spirituality and animals,

But the creative world, like the song of the siren, always called me to come, tempted me with the possibility of a more complete life.

So here I am, diving into the depths of my soul and the human experience, and trying to bring you the world through my eyes.

With the difficulty of self-publishing and pouring my heart out,

And actually with challenges that every person and artist faces: life itself. My creative process

Although I experiment with many types of mediums, I mostly like to take objects and give them a scary or cute twist.

When I approach the creative process, I always find myself with an inexplicable urge to combine two sides of one coin, be it something cute and scary, or a subject full of existential questions like life and death.

There is something so beautiful in the combination of contrasts and the attempt to create a connecting bridge between them always challenges me in every new creation.

These passions have been a part of my life since I can remember, and if you ask my brothers they will tell you that from a young age I loved monsters and I loved creating.

And when I wasn't busy creating imaginary worlds and creatures, I was busy reading about them.I plan most of my creations almost while making them,After I understand what materials I want to use, and what message I'm trying to convey, I simply collect everything and start putting it together.A bit like the pieces of a puzzle only that sometimes the full picture is revealed only after the assembly is complete. My inspirations

I find my inspiration everywhere, it can be in nature when I look at insects, looking for the cat, in a song playing on the radio or just in a picture that the brain decided to create by itself.

I like to give spiritual meaning to my works,Whether it's a doll on which you can take out your anger, and even the texts I write on the website.

I tend to use anything possible for my creations, be it bones, fabrics, wax, epoxy, clay or concrete,I found that my best way to create is to understand what I want to express and then look for the way I can express it.

This way I am not limited to any world, and can wander between materials and let emotion dictate my creative process.

And you can find entire worlds in small jars, or a moment frozen in time in a large glass bell.

One of the goals I have set for myself as a creative artist is to learn, research, discover mainly what makes me skip a beat,

and translate this feeling into a work, regardless of the material or limitation of the world I want to create,

Each piece is a different world, and is an attempt to send the observer to a place full of magic,

Annual magic for you to choose how to receive and see: beautiful, scary, fascinating, but mostly bewitched.

Thank you for joining, thank you for reading, I hope you will discover the magic and be able to take part in my journey,

Always welcome to show me the world and your human experience, through your eyes,And together maybe we can create a special spell.

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